What You Need To Know About Therapeutic Magnets For Pain Relief

What You Need To Know About Therapeutic Magnets For Pain Relief

Magnetic therapy is an all-natural treatment using powerful therapeutic magnets. The magnets emit magnetic fields that dramatically improve blood circulation, helping to treat a variety of ailments. Therapeutic magnets are also used by millions of people around the world to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

This guide will explain how therapeutic magnets work and the types of pain they can treat. We’ll also share a few fantastic products that use magnets to reduce pain.


What are therapeutic magnets?


Therapeutic magnets are powerful static magnets that have been used to treat medical conditions like arthritis, poor circulation, inflammatory conditions, asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.

Therapeutic magnets work by emitting magnetic fields that penetrate the body. The magnetic fields attract iron particles in a blood protein called haemoglobin. By attracting these iron particles, blood is allowed to circulate more easily throughout the body. This can result in improved healing capacity, reduced inflammation, better distribution of nutrients, and a balanced immune system — helping to treat the conditions listed above.

Some naturopaths believe that magnetic therapy can also improve how easily calcium ions migrate through the body, helping bones and nerves heal faster. Therapeutic magnets may even have a positive effect on the pH balance of cells and can balance a person’s hormones.

Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that therapeutic magnets can balance a person’s Chi, or energy force. They use magnetic therapy to balance the chi of their patients, curing ailments and improving their general health. 

In Chinese medicine, the North pole (negative) has a sedating influence that can help with lower back pain, arthritis, inflammation, and acute headaches. The South pole (positive) of a magnet has stimulating influence and heats the body. It helps with tingling, weakness, paralysis, scarring, and numbness. 

Therapeutic magnets come in different strengths, with most in the 300 to 3,000 gauss range. Using therapeutic magnets is simple — they are placed on the body with either the positive or negative side down, depending on the outcome you are trying to achieve. It is a completely natural therapy with no side effects.


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How do therapeutic magnets provide pain relief?

Magnetic therapy can relieve pain in a number of ways:


1. Reduces pain cause by inflammation

Inflammation is a complex biological process that is designed to protect the human body. It occurs when the body has sustained cellular damage. This might be an external injury, a pathogen entering the body (bacteria, viruses, or fungi), or a disease (cancer, bronchitis, cystitis etc).

The immune system reacts to cellular damage by sending blood cells and hormones to the site of the injury. This reaction is meant to help the body heal and recover from the injury. However, it also causes pain, redness, immobility, and swelling. Sometimes, the immune system gets it wrong and attacks friendly cells, which is the cause of some forms of arthritis, various skin conditions, and Type 1 diabetes.

Magnetic therapy helps by drawing blood through the inflamed part of your body. This can reduce swelling and may relieve the pain you are experiencing.



2. Speeds up the healing process

Magnetic therapy can also be used to deliver additional blood cells, nutrients, and oxygen to the site of cellular damage. This helps the body heal from injuries faster, reducing the amount of pain experienced after injuries like sprains or abrasions.  


3. Changes the way that nerves conduct electricity

Some naturopaths think that magnets relieve pain by changing how nerves work in the body. They believe that the magnetic field can alter how rapidly nerves transfer electricity, reducing the frequency and severity of pain signals being transferred to the brain.


4. Correcting your chi

Practitioners of Chinese medicine will use the positive and negative sides of magnets to fix problems with your chi. By ensuring your energy flow is moving across the body correctly, you can reduce pain and address certain health conditions.



What kinds of pain can therapeutic magnets treat?


The beauty of magnetic therapy is that it can be targeted at any part of the body.   If you have a headache, you could use a magnetic eye mask to relieve your pain. If you have a sore back, you could wear a magnetic back brace or use a magnetic mattress underlay.


Magnetic bracelets are particularly effective at treating generalized pain that is affecting the entire body. That’s because your magnetic bracelets will draw blood through the body more efficiently, improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation. Some health practitioners even suggest wearing a magnetic bracelet on each arm to obtain an even greater improvement on blood circulation and pain reduction. Many types of pain can be alleviated with therapeutic magnets including:


  • Arthritis pain
  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Injuries (abrasions, sprains, cuts, and sore muscles)
  • Sore joints (knees, ankles, wrists, and hips)
  • Diabetic foot pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Skin sore including lesions and ulcers



Using Willis Judd magnetic bracelets for pain reduction

Willis Judd has a wide range of magnetic bracelets that are perfect for pain reduction. Each bracelet contains powerful 3000 gauss magnets that can dramatically improve your circulation and alleviate pain. If you would like to learn more about magnetic therapy or purchase a magnetic bracelet, visit our website!


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