Magnetic Anklets for Women

Magnetic Anklets for Women

Magnetic Anklets for Women

 We are growing our range of magnetic anklets due to an increasing demand from women who want a magnetic therapy option for their ankles. This list shows our top 5 picks for anklets. You can read more about magnetic therapy by clicking here
All of the below are crafted from titanium, a light weight metal that is perfect for magnetic therapy.



Our top 5 picks for Magnetic Anklets for Women


  1.  1. Love Heart Anklet

  Magnetic Anklet
This anklet is great as a gift for that special someone. The hearts are alternating in orientation, with one heart being hollow and a gold outline. The other heart has a 3000 gauss magnet built in. It makes a great gift coming in a velvet gift box.

2. Classic Titanium Anklet 

Magnetic Anklet for Women
This is one of our classic designs, with feminine features throughout. 
Each link features a magnet, with the exemption of the clasp links. 

3. Tri Color Anklet 


Magnetic Anklet for Women
This bracelet is a color overload, yet being classy at the same time. It is a great accessory for an outfit and can be stylised easily.

4. Gold Tone Classic Style

Magnetic Anklet for Women
The shiny gold colour brings this anklet to life. This new anklet to Willis Judd is proving its strength and will be here to stay as its popularity grows. 

5. Detailed Womens Anklet 

The detailed design makes this anklet a stunning piece. The luxurious feel makes it look like a special occasion piece, and not a magnetic therapy anklet.

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