Men’s Black and Green Magnetic Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet with Green Carbon Fiber

MADE FROM 100% GENUINE LEATHER soft and comfortable to wear, this contemporary piece of jewellery is unique and masculine

8 INCH LONG a common wrist length for men's jewellery with a unique Willis Judd engraved clasp. Weighing just 10g its super lightweight making it perfect for everyday wear
GREEN CARBON FIBER! This versatile material is also used in racing cars and in space design making this jewellery very modern and contemporary, you're sure to get lots of great compliments! Its so discreet no one will know it's a magnetic therapy bracelet!
PERFECTLY PACKAGED in the stunning premium quality Willis Judd Packaging. This provides a great place to keep this lovely jewellery safe or make it a fantastic gift to give!
ALWAYS looks fashionable and modern. This stylish design is so discreet no one would suspect it's therapeutic bracelet. There is a Willis Judd bracelet to suit every occasion.

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